Most of our collaborators were born and live in this region, and 70% are women. We offer local people the opportunity to work in our company, even if they do not have any previous experience or specific knowledge related to the hotel sector. Every year, we also receive tourism students from our province who complete internships as part of their training.

Since 2018, we have accessed to job training programs focusing on vulnerable groups, young women, people under 25 years of age with no previous work experience, and people with disabilities. One of the candidates in the last group recently joined our permanent staff, thanks to his outstanding performance during the training period, as well as a person over 60 years of age. We are committed to the diversity of our team. Above all, we value  enthusiasm for learning and contributing their working skills to the company.

We maintain a comprehensive training and awareness program with all our collaborators in different areas related to sustainable management: Accessible Tourism and Disability, Environment, Security, Celiac Disease, Healthy Diet, Hotel Management, First Aid, Foreign Languages, etc. We also abide by internal regulations that address rights and obligations for the managers and each member of the team, focusing on respectful and transparent working environment.

We adhere to a Sustainable Management Policy that regulates our operations and establishes the guiding principles that can be found in our Management Handbook and our Code of Ethics. These documents are endorsed by our entire team (owner and collaborators) and they are exhibited and available in case our guests, providers or any other person is interested in them.

Under no circumstances will we tolerate harassment, violence, discrimination, child labor or human exploitation. Our Code of Ethics includes all the necessary procedures in case of the detection of these situations, so as to guarantee the resolution and respective report, according to the seriousness of the case.


Our Ecohotel is deeply committed to responsible consumption and fair trade; therefore, when we buy products or contract services we are interested in generating a positive social and environmental impact, and not simply finding the lowest price. We have developed a Responsible Purchasing Guide that aims at promoting ethic, fair, inclusive and transparent transactions among collaborators, providers and customers.

For our interior decoration, and our furniture and fittings, we choose noble materials which are locally manufactured. We also recycle and reuse furniture and objects, and we opt for local artists and artisans whenever possible. For our internal and guests’ consumption, we give priority to the purchase of organic and natural food produced by regional SMEs. We also prefer providers that market eco-friendly cleaning products.

We advise and help local cooperatives and entrepreneurs, small producers, native communities, and sheltered workshops that create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Accessible Tourism

For many years, we have been raising awareness among our collaborators and other tourism stakeholders on the importance of appropriate and kind treatment towards people with disabilities and permanent or temporal difficulties, so that they feel completely at ease and safe in our premises and our town. We also participate in trainings on first-aid and evacuation procedures for this group of guests in case of emergency.

We comply with the Accessibility Guidelines Program of the Argentinean Ministry of Tourism, and we work hard to turn this beautiful place into a touristic destination with no barriers and accessible to everyone. We have therefore built ramps and flat pathways that take to common areas, and we placed handrails on stairways. In 2020, we built a new reception, breakfast area and public restroom – fully accessible and without any obstacles. We have recently inaugurated a comfortable cabin (the first in the Ecohotel) with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one of them accessible) and all the services to guarantee a pleasant stay. We are always attentive to the suggestions of our guests and we take into account their proposals at the moment we make reforms to improve the quality and warmth of our facilities.

People with Celiac Disease, Diabetes, High-Blood Pressure

All our clients are special and deserve distinctive treatment and personalized services. Thus, we offer breakfast options for people with celiac disease, diabetes or high-blood pressure so that they do not have to worry about their food while travelling. In order to secure the best quality and service, we regularly seek the advice of associations, nutritionists and food specialists on issues related to food safety standards and providers.