The natural and cultural beauty of our environment drives us to protect it so that it remains long-lasting and available to everyone, while creating a deep and close bond between us and our land.  We believe tourism can be a valuable source of resources that can help the advance of society, if controlled in such a way that it benefits visitors and locals alike. We work every day so that everybody can fully enjoy nature and feel at ease in our picturesque colonial village. To this end, we have committed ourselves to articulating and carrying out activities and programs together with individuals, organizations, and institutions, with the aim of promoting sustainable development and a more just and inclusive society.

All our actions are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They were introduced by the United Nations and govern the efforts shared by all countries to achieve a sustainable world by 2030. These goals include important ambitions for humanity: from working to end poverty, to addressing climate change, improving education, promoting women’s rights and equality, protecting the environment, and redesigning cities.

We fully endorse the idea that “There are no successful companies in failed societies” (S. Schmidheiny); therefore, our mission is to offer a unique high-quality service following a social responsibility program based on mutual respect, and social and environmental contribution, while adhering to international sustainability standards.  That is what business success ultimately means to us.

We conduct our business with passion, and we are always trying to be as careful as we can. Sometimes we fail, but we take that failure as an opportunity to grow. We know there are things we can do better, and we are working on it.

Please find below a brief summary of the activities we carried out throughout these years and the ones we are currently working on. These are both deeply engaging for our collaborators and far-reaching to the whole community. Thank you for your visit! Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Lucy Vilte. Manager and Owner