Our Ecohotel’s philosophy entails the promotion of our cultural expressions, customs, and community traditions, by spreading them among our visitors. We therefore offer our guests information (also available in English) about suggested rides and tours, calendar of festivities, cultural events, gastronomy and local travel agencies, always trying to highlight activities and entrepreneurs that favor sustainable tourism. We also share most of this information in our website and social media.

We have edited and published two books: “Purmamarca” (available in English and Spanish) and “Identidad” (“Identity,” available in Spanish). These books depict not only the typical cultural expressions in our township (such as architecture, rituals and customs, handicrafts, music, etc.), but also the natural heritage and distinctive touristic circuits in our region. It is currently the only area in Quebrada de Humahuaca which offers this kind of town-specific material. This collection was awarded in the 2014 Publishing House Contest by Jujuy’s Department of Culture.


We are active collaborators in the articulation of public and private projects. Lucy Vilte advises Purmamarca’s township and other town councils on heritage management, environmental, and social issues. Many of these initiatives are carried out with the valuable collaboration of neighbors, companies, NGOs, municipal employees and the voluntary service of our Ecohotel’s employees.

Throughout the year we participate in radio and TV shows to talk about our Ecohotel’s sustainable management and we collaborate with print media on environmental and community topics. We also share our experiences in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability events, and we often receive students who come from Jujuy and other provinces and want to learn more about our projects and initiatives.

On our social networks Instagram and Facebook, we stay active and connected through weekly posts, promoting various initiatives and local ventures, and sharing information and activities related to our sustainable management and touristic destination.

Since 2017 Lucy Vilte works pro bono as as Director of Minka Business Institute in Jujuy, where she also mentors sustainable entrepreneurs of North West Argentina.


“We are truly convinced that the social and environmental measures we take as a SME can inspire others to take action, by committing themselves to raise awareness about the importance of responsible tourism towards a sustainable world. We believe that ideas, actions, programs, and initiatives are not entirely complete unless we spread them, by inspiring others, sharing our knowledge and our work, and generating partnerships for change. We passionately believe in the ability to make a change even from our small place and at small scale, by thinking globally and acting locally”. LV