This multicolored mount, 600 m wide and 200 m high, is located immediately to the west of the town of Purmamarca, behind the hamlet, creating a spectacular color background for the urban space.

Located in the Eastern Mountain Range, this mountain is the result of a complex geological history. Its various color layers result from the accumulation of sea, lake and river sediments in the area for over 600 million years. The tectonic plate movements that took place later gave these sediments their current location.

Even though, sometimes a cross that marks the top of mountains or small blurred paths can be seen, we remind you that it is forbidden to ascend this and other mounts, since the path is not marked out and they contain numerous sand stretches which make it dangerous to climb them.

The polychrome effects radiated by this famous mount, has turned it into one of the main images of world tourist diffusion of the province of Jujuy and of Argentina around the world.