The church is the only imposing monument in the village and probably the most important one. Its origin dates back to the 17th century, as indicated on the lintel of its façade (1648).

It was built with local materials that have lasted to this day: adobe walls and ceiling made of cardon (giant cactus) wood and mud cake. The church´s altar, of extremely simple lines, features the image of Santa Rosa de Lima on a niche built in the wall and framed by major paintings of the Cuzco School. The sides are also ornamented with a series of smaller-sized cuzqueño paintings: ten oil-painted scenes depicting the life of the Patron Saint.

The chapel, protected by its Patron Saint Santa Rosa de Lima, was declared National Historical Monument in July 1941. The celebration in honor of the Patron Saint is held every 30th of August and involves the participation of all her faithful.