If you follow National Route 52 from Purmamarca, you can enjoy the fabulous Cuesta de Lipán (Lipan Slope). After driving only 40 km (25 miles) you will have climbed approximately 2,000 meters and will arrive to Abra de Potrerillos (4,179 m.a.s.l). This is the highest point of the hill and it is well worth a stop to enjoy the impressive view or take pictures of the herds of vicuñas that often roam the road.

The slope is characterized by its beautiful winding roads and amazing landscapes, passing through Quebrada de Sepulturas and Lipán. Driving forward, some kilometers ahead, you can visit Salinas Grandes salt mine, or you can continue on the same road, where you will start finding small towns and villages from La Puna.

The road to the Argentine-Chilean border crossing at Paso de Jama starts in Purmamarca and travels 270 km (168 miles) on National Route 52 across the most colorful and stunning scenery. This route is fully paved and has a major strategic and commercial value since it provides the province with a connection with the Pacific Ocean.