The meeting first took place in 1984 and since then, year after year, “copleros” (singers of popular folk songs) from all over the Quebrada de Humahuaca and Puna area have come together to value and preserve this local poetic expression.

During this festive season, the town is filled with singers and tourists, who share “chicha” or wine, and enjoy entertaining rounds of popular folk couplets and songs in different public and private places until dawn. This is a great opportunity to try typical drinks and dishes and get a better insight of the regional culture.

“Coplas” are typical folk couplets which were originated in Spain and were later widespread throughout Latin America. People from La Quebrada also adopted the “coplas” and gave them a particular style, tone and rhythm. They are usually octosyllabic four-line poems. It is customary for one person to sing a “copla” and then another person responds to it by singing another one, creating a funny and wit counterpoint. They often have a colloquial style, and deal with topics related to everyday life, love, death, work, states of mind, natural phenomena, among others.