Meeting of Copleros

1st or 2nd Saturday January

The meeting first took place in 1984 and since then, year after year, “copleros” (singers of popular folk songs) from all over the Quebrada de Humahuaca and Puna area have come together to value and preserve this local poetic expression.

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Pachamama Celebration

and Goat Cheese Competition
First weekend February

The festivities begin with civic ceremonies, a gaucho parade, and the traditional lunch at the various premises arranged to that end. In the afternoon traditional indigenous rituals take place to honor Pachamama and she is given offerings so that she brings fruits and good fortune.

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Meeting of Comadres

Thursday before Carnival February

On Thursday before Carnival the “Topamiento” or “Tincunacu” (meeting) takes place. During this event, lifelong bonds of solidarity and respect are established between “comadres” (i.e. between a child´s mother and their godmother).

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Movable date February

The Festival begins with the rite to “unearth” carnival from a hillside, where the “devil” is dug up to initiate the celebration. Colorful costumes, comparsas (parading groups) and traditional dances, such as Carnavalito, are the popular cultural expressions that visitors will find all around.

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Holly Week

March / April April

On Palm Sunday, a massive procession of the faithful or pilgrims commended to the Virgin of Copacabana takes her image to the village of Tumbaya from the sanctuary located in Punta Corral (3700 m, about 12139 ft, a.s.l.)

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Saint Anne

July 26th July

Religious celebration in honor of Saint Anne´s, mother of Mary. A fair is organized at the main square where miniature objects are displayed following an ancient religious tradition related to the Virgin´s childhood.

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Pachamama Worship Day

August 1st August

Pachamama is worshiped at different times of the year; however, these rituals intensify on this date and throughout the month.

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Santa Rosa de Lima

August 30th August

This is the village´s patron saint and first American saint. She is venerated with civic ceremonies, attended by numerous political and religious figures of the province, a mass in her honor and “misachicos” (small religious processions by villagers) joined by “sikuri” bands.

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Students´ Festival

Movable day September

In Purmamarca, high school students crown their spring queen and make a paper-flowered.

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Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

Or All Souls´ Day
2 de Noviembre Noviembre

Rituals during these days are based on popular local beliefs about death and its meaning, a mixture of Catholic and pagan elements which can be clearly observed on this date.

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Adoration of Nativity Scenes

From December 20th through January 6th December

On December 8th, Day of the Virgin Mary, every family or institution sets up a nativity scene and gets ready for welcoming the faithful and celebrating the Coming of Baby Jesus.

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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

December 24th and 25th December

In South America, Christmas is celebrated with equal or greater solemnity than in Europe; it is an outstandingly colorful festivity, particularly among indigenous communities in which Christianity is deeply rooted.

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