Dear guests, welcome to our town and to Posta de Purmamarca.

We think tourism can be a valuable source of resources that can help the advance of the community, if controlled in such a way that it benefits visitors and locals alike.

We work so that both visitors and local inhabitants can fully enjoy nature and feel at ease in our picturesque colonial village. To this end, we have committed ourselves to articulating activities and programs with people, organizations, and institutions that work with us, in order to promote sustainable development and a more just and inclusive society.

We look forward to visitors coming to Purmamarca to discover, explore and share. That is why we call on your sensitivity to encourage other tourists and locals to avoid damaging, polluting, depredating or negatively transforming what nature has created over centuries and the native inhabitants have preserved. We are convinced that you and your family will echo our proposal by putting principles of coexistence, conservation and sanity into practice, and also by promoting enriching and respectful exchange of experiences among residents and visitors.

For this reason, we welcome suggestions and any other useful information aimed at the protection and preservation of this magical and beautiful place while keeping a harmonious link with our community. We conduct our business with passion and we are always trying to be as careful as we can. There are days we fail. There are things we know we can do better and we are working on.

We believe that “There are no successful companies in failed societies” (S. Schmidheiny) and hence our mission is to grow as a business and offer a unique high quality service following a corporate social responsibility program based on mutual respect and social and environmental promotion, while adhering to international sustainability standards. This is what corporate success ultimately means to us.

Thank you for your visit. We look forward to your feedback and hope you come back soon.

Lucy Vilte. Manager and Owner

Sustainable Management Policy

The Sustainable Management Policy implemented by Posta de Purmamarca Country Inn arises from our team’s care and commitment to promote socially and environmentally sustainable development in our town and area. In this spirit, we present our guiding principles:

  • Establishing a sustainable management where business success is understood as a harmonious balance between economic development, social welfare and protection of the environment.
  • Respecting and promoting the principles of sustainable Tourism, in compliance with current legislation and other commitments assumed by the company.
  • Incorporating social and environmental aspects in the decision-making process at every level, minimizing the negatives impacts and maximizing the positives ones from our operations.
  • Promoting environmental good practices among collaborators and the whole value chain, through environmental preservation, awareness and education. Encouraging individual action in the society and in environmental care.
  • Promoting responsible citizenship and generating mutual understanding and collaboration within authorities, workers, clients, providers and the community itself towards the protection and promotion of Human Rights, social inclusion and appreciation of our culture.
  • Assuring client satisfaction, service quality and continuous improvement, as well in economic terms as social and environmental.
  • Promoting and disseminating the commitments set for in this policy among our stakeholders.

The Sustainability Policy is the framework for action at Posta de Purmamarca Country Inn, which aims at adding and assuring the highest value in the company. In order to comply with the above mentioned guidelines, we set verifiable objectives and develop action plans assuring control and delivery of service excellence.