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The village of Purmamarca is only 65 km (40 miles) from Jujuy’s capital city and nestles at the foot of the famous Cerro de Siete Colores or Seven Colors Mountain at 2,200 m.a.s.l. The village sits in a narrow valley and is surrounded by multicolored mountains. It preserves its original layout and pre-hispanic architectural style.

The name of the village comes from the Aymara words “purma” (untilled or desert field) and “marca” (town). Following the meaning of its name, the village is described as “the town of the virgin lands” or “the town in the desert”.

Purmamarca was declared “Historical Place” in 1975 and is probably the most picturesque village in Quebrada de Humahuaca, World Heritage site since the year 2003.

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Approximate heights and distances to other towns from Purmamarca

The village of Purmamarca is located at an exceptional and strategic place in the Humahuaca gorge. This allows you to visit the different villages of the region as well as the small settlements on National Route 52, which leads to the International border crossing at Paso de Jama.

Town/Village Distance (in Km) Altitude (m.a.s.l.)
Volcán 19 2078
Tumbaya 12 2094
Purmamarca 0 2192
Posta de Hornillos 12 2300
Maimará 15 2334
Tilcara 23 2461
Huacalera 39 2641
Uquía 55 2818
Humahuaca 65 2936
Salinas Grandes 65 3350

Tips for the traveler

Currency and change: the currency is the Argentinian Peso. The country inn also accepts payment in US Dolars and euros. At the moment we don´t accept checks, debit cards or credit cards. In the downtown there are ATM with Banelco network.

Electric Current: the voltage is 220v and sockets are 3-pin type. Check availability for any kind of adapter plug.

Cell phones: there is good signal for cell phones.

Internet Connection: the country inn has Internet Wi Fi. At times the signal can be interrupted or deficient, because there is only one company providing the service due to the difficulty of geography and type of construction.

Languages: our staff speaks spanish and can understand english.

Water: the water in the area has high levels of minerals, so we suggest you to drink bottled water to avoid any problem due to lack of adaptation.

Vaccinations: you do not need any vaccinations to visitJujuy. However, we suggest you make sure you have all vaccinations up to date and confirm this with your doctor.

Medical facilities: the downtown has an emergency room with nursing service and, a few days, with general medical service. At15 km, in thevillageofMaimará, is the nearest hospital. We advise all passengers to travel covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, especially if you are a foreign tourist.